British actress charged with causing death by reckless driving after her car hits police car killing officer Anna Reese said motorbike cut her off as she drove in Bangkok at 3am Ploughed into the rear of parked police car in which officer was napping Vehicle catapulted into a tree before bouncing back onto the motorway Sleeping driver Sub. Lt. Napadol Wongbandit died instantly upon impact Reese appeared in movies such as Legend of the Tsunami Warrior and Brown Sugar 2

A Thai-English actress was seen weeping at the scene after crashing her Mercedes into a park police car - killing the officer sat inside.
Thai-English actress Anna Reese has been charged with reckless driving after careering into the rear of the patrol car at around 3am yesterday morning. 
Police Sub. Lt. Napadol Wongbandit, a 44-year-old inspector with the Suphanburi Police Department, was in the driver's seat at the time. 
His car was said to have been propelled into a tree by the force of the impact. It then dropped back on to the motorway, badly damaged.
Mr Wongbandit found dead with a cracked skull.
The accident happened in Bangkok's Prawet district.
Mrs Hamblaouris, known by her stage name 'Anna Reese,' only suffered minor injuries.
In video recorded in the immediate aftermath of the accident, she is seen weeping loudly as she tries to resuscitate the fatally injured police officer.
She is reported to have stayed at the scene until police attended. She said she was 'too traumatised' to be questioned. 
It's unclear if she was tested for alcohol or drugs.
The Bangkok Post claimed the actress felt that a motorbike cutting in front of her had caused her to lose control of her vehicle.
Speaking at the local police station, the 28-year-old is claimed to have said: 'I feel sorry for what happened and am willing to help the family of the victim.
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