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Kyoko Fukada is a popular singer and actress in her native Japan, where she is nicknamed "Fukakyon". Born in Tokyo in 1982, her acting career began in 1997, when she was just 15 years old, when she appeared in the role of Kazune on the TV drama "Sore ga Kotae da!". Her first big movie role came two years later, when she played Kanae Sawaguchi in 1999's "Ring 2", which was later remade as the American horror film, "The Ring 2". She would go to play roles in 2000's "School Day of the Dead", 2002's "Dolls", and many other films and TV shows. In addition to her acting career she also has a thriving sideline as a singer in the J-pop genre.Following her 1999 debut album "Dear", she released several hit follow-ups. In recent years she has concentrated more on her acting than her singing,taking on more leading roles and releasing fewer albums and single


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