An Asian Girls top 500 keywords

One thing I have learned over the years it is very hard to run to the top of a mountain of rice if you have little feet.
I don't think that made any sense in English. Oh well I'm just a Thai girl what do I know? Imagine though the web is that same mountain of rice, you could probably climb it with snow shoes on or had the right tools.
Anyone can make a website, but will you earn money with it? Asian girls can. Some people criticise the fact some girls look to sexy. Well mom, these are no different then you would see in your local mall or on TV. But guess what, they make money and I'm not selling porn :p
Before you build your site or sites perhaps you should research some of the highest searched keywords to get an idea of what "people" want. If you are an expert on mothballs and only 5 others in the world share your interest, chances are you are not going to make much money.


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