Monica Bellucci wears jumpers (and little else)

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Monica Bellucci is in a new video. It's an advert for posh cashmere jumpers. We like it for the following five reasons:
1) Obviously, it has Monica Bellucci in. We've fancied her ever since The Matrix Revolutions, even if she's not done a great deal since then. She's ridiculously sexy. She's like someone's sexy Italian aunt. We'd have her over for spaghetti and meatballs any day of the week.
Monica Bellucci flogging some cashmere jumpers
Here is a jumper with buttons on
2) It focuses around cashmere jumpers. We love jumpers because we HATE being cold and if they're nice soft ones made from specialist sheep by some bloke called Eric Bompard rather than scratchy old Primark ones then so much the better. Monica Bellucci, you'll be pleased to hear, wears an awful lot of cashmere jumpers but not a great deal underneath them, which is of course fantastic.
3) The music is great. About a 25 seconds in you're like “Wow, this would make an excellent soundtrack to an opening gunfight where the main characters were introduced” and later you're like “Hey, it's all cheery now, like someone's gone to the shops and met someone they fancy in the 2 for 1 freezer section".
Monica Bellucci flogging some cashmere jumpers
And here is one with zips on
4) It features a man born with a camera permanently stuck to his face, but who's made the most of an otherwise debilitating condition by becoming a photographer.
5) The whole thing is shot in a blurry, panning style that's kind of similar to the visuals you get when you get shot in an FPS, minus the big red jammy stains all over the camera. And seeing as we're not terribly good at FPSes, it's a very familiar style to us.


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