It's like Christmas every day on the internet

It's like Christmas every day on the internet

But not in a tragic way like Andy Park - that guy known as 'Mr Christmas' who claims to celebrate Christmas every day.
"Ooh, another mince pie? Mmm yes please. Help me. Please, help me."
Yeah, the internet is NOTHING like that.
Pixie Lott gave it LARGE for Michael Jackson
Pixie Lott Michael Forever
Selena Gomez loves phone calls and cranberry juice

Selena Gomez hot
Jamie Chung doesn't want to walk on the gravel. No thank you. There's a perfectly good path here. Even if it is slightly out of the way. We've got new boots to look after, y'know
Jamie Chung legs
Melanie Iglesias' pals merked her right before the Abbey Road shot
Melanie Iglesias hotpants
Natalie Gulbis took a 10 on the last
Natalie Gulbis

This isn't Lindsay Lohan, it's Kendal Schuler
Kendal Schuler hot


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