STOP THE PRESS. Olivia Wilde is the Global Ambassador for Revlon. What? The internet doesn't have a “press?” Shut up. We're just trying to add a little drama to proceedings, you jerk.
Olivia Wilde has indeed recently been named Global Ambassador for cosmetics company Revlon, and as such her roles now include chatting about their make-up, looking fantastic in commercials, and brokering galactic trade deals with creatures from other, presumably lipstick-starved, planets.
Olivia Wilde
"The mascara stocks of Zebulon 5 are rapidly dwindling! Send for the one they call WILDE"
While we've got evidence of the first two (like in these pictures right here that you can see throughout this article) presumably we'll have to wait until intelligent life is discovered elsewhere in the universe for the third to kick in. Still. Those are gonna be some pretty sexy aliens once Olivia gets her manicured hands on them, you take it from us.
These shots were taken when Olivia was doing an advert for Revlon (whether or not it's being broadcast to neighbouring galaxies remains unclear) in New York's picturesquely-named Meat Packing District. All nearby meat remained unpacked, and she instead engaged in some sort of tango in an attempt to flog pricey slap to people. Which is fair enough, really.
Olivia Wilde for Revlon
We've heard of worse ideas
The ironic thing is that Olivia doesn't even need makeup. Look at this picture of her without any on from a semi-recent Marie Claire article – she looks great, of course. Although the copy does say that her skin “literally glows”, which is something that we would probably go and see a doctor about if we were her.