Katrina Bowden in Tucker & Dale vs Evil

You know what it’s like, you meet a new girl and you’re getting on like a house on fire, everything’s great, and then comes the immortal line: “I think it’s time you met my friends”.
Your body freezes. Your face drops. You know this isn't likely to go well. They'll think you're weird. You'll think they're boring. You need a way out of this. You need an alibi. You wrack your brains for excuses. But your brain, letting you down like someone freezing on the final Blockbusters hexagon, goes blank.
“Yeah, sure. That sounds great. I’d love to,” you say, with as much false enthusiasm as you can muster.
Katrina Bowden legs
The sign maker for Debenhams' 'Blue Cross Sale' was in for a kicking
Then the excuses come flooding in. You’re sick. It’s contagious. You’re being put into quarantine. You’ll be back in 50 years, all being well. You’re going on a top-secret space mission. Monkeys are involved. You're actually a ghost.
All perfect.
All too late.
Chin up; it could be worse. If, for example, her friends mistakenly thought you’d taken her hostage and did everything in their power to free her but accidentally ended up killing themselves during the course of their rescue attempts - that’d be worse.
Which is precisely what happens in Canadian gore-com Tucker & Dale vs Evil. The girl in question is Cerie from 30 Rock, otherwise known as the lovely Katrina Bowden.
Katrina Bowden hot
This is an entirely different rock


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