Was Miss USA a Bad, Bad Girl?

Tara Conner, the 20-year-old Kentucky native beauty that won the hearts and praises of the judges on the Miss USA pageant panel, being crowned with the title of the most beautiful woman in the US, is under scrutiny for her 'behavioral and personal issues'.

Although the Miss Universe Organization, owned by real-estate magnate Donald Trump and NBC, refused to comment on exactly which are the 'issues' in question, it is believed that her nights of wild partying and underage drinking, during the time she lived in New York City might have something to do with it.

Although Conner is not of age, she has been repeatedly seen hitting all the hotspots in the NYC scene and all the major clubs, behaving less than the role model that she is, namely, drinking and dancing on tables. As the rumors that she is putting her reputation in jeopardy reached the ears of the pageant committee, they decided to re-evaluate her competence for being Miss USA.

Therefore, if they can find substantial facts to prove that she has been behaving the exact opposite way that she was supposed to, Tara Conner can lose her tiara and title and be replaced by the Miss USA runner-up, Miss California Tamiko Nash.

'The Miss Universe Organization and Mr. Donald J. Trump will be evaluating her behavioral and personal issues to see what we can do to work with her and what we will do about her reign going forward. Mr. Trump will make a determination and announcement within the coming week', a statement from the organization stated.

When contacted for a comment, Donald Trump refused to reveal more on this, saying only that they, quote, 'have to make a decision. There is no question about that'. Conner was not immediately available for comment.


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