Playing Hard to Get - How to Get Him Interested in You
Do you think there's something you don't understand about playing hard to get? Have you tried it before and nothing happened? Does it somehow feel phony and deceitful and that's not the way you want to approach a new relationship? A lot of women seem to think that this is a game meant only for women who aren't serious about building a strong relationship. But, in a sense, the opposite is true. Read on to see what I mean.
The true essence of playing hard to get is piquing his interest while giving you a chance to find out who he is. So, what happens when you go to a club, a slow, sultry song comes on, and a guy comes out of nowhere and asks you to dance with him? Now think about it. You've never seen this guy before in your life. Do you really want to dance up close and personal to him? For all you know he could be a psychopath.
So, you say no but show him that you're open to a conversation with him. Call it playing hard to get or call it just plain common sense, the result is the same. He feels challenged. You're giving yourself time to figure him out.
Chat a while and learn a few things about him. And at the end of the night, when he asks you to go back to his place, what do you do? Even if you've spent two hours talking to him, realistically speaking, you don't really know him enough to go to his place right away.
Again, say no, but let him see you'd be open to the idea of seeing him again. Not only are you challenging him, but you're showing him that you're a woman with a degree of self respect. You're not just willing to throw yourself into the arms of the first man to come along.
In the long run, making him work for every step he needs to get closer to you, he'll come to feel special knowing he did the right things to win you over.
And, what's your biggest fear? Chances are if this guy is incredibly cute, you said yes to that dance. And he's thinking, 'she's easy'. Chances are you melted into his arm and are already wondering what his lips taste like. And he's thinking, 'she's way easy'. And when you went back to his place because you were afraid he wouldn't like you if you said no... And he's thinking, 'wow, she's way too easy'.
If that cute guy can't stand being told no, know that you're better off without him. Get involved with a man who'll be willing to put in the time to really win you ove


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