7 Amazing Ways to Attract Girls


Some men have it all: looks, personality, brains, etc. But when it comes to knowing the ways to attract girls, they're pretty much left in the dark, or too shy to make the move. If you're looking for ways to attract girls and keep them interested in you, here are a few tips to remember.

1. Most women do take notice of a man's best assets, so if you have a nice smile or beautiful eyes, use them to your advantage. Wear a shirt that will enhance your eye color and smile when you approach her.

2. You don't have to look like you just came out of GQ magazine, but it still wouldn't hurt for you to dress nicely and have a sense of style. Faded jeans and an old t-shirt is fine during the day or for a casual look, but at night with people all around women do take notice of how you dress. They'll find you more attractive if you're well-groomed and maintain good hygiene.

3. When you talk to a girl, compliment her on how she looks. Be careful with your choice of words. Some girls aren't too fond of being called "hot", so call her "beautiful" instead.

4. A guy must always have a good sense of humor. Making her smile and laugh is definitely a bonus for you. She'll be more comfortable and would enjoy hanging out with you. She'll respond better knowing you're the down-to-earth kind of guy who doesn't take himself too seriously.

5. Most women prefer men who make the first move. If you like a girl and you think she may be interested in you as well, you can make a good impression by making the opening move. It takes the pressure off her, and she'll appreciate that.

6. Try not to be too nervous and think of it as just like talking to a friend. Keep it cool and try to relax. Don't immediately ask her out after introducing yourself. See where the conversation goes first.

7. One of the best ways to attract girls is to be confident but not cocky or arrogant. Being arrogant and thinking you're everything she could ever want is a turn off. Be confident enough to approach her and introduce yourself, and modest enough not to brag about anything. Let her decide if you're the guy she could be interested in.


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