Joanne Peh.

She arrived with her adoptive mother from Shanghai at 6, was sold for RM3,000 at 16, was two-timed by her sister and fiancé at 18, and in a desperate search for love and happiness, married five times before being diagnosed with breast cancer at 61. Sadly, she died the following year before an American publisher could write her life-story and make a film.
Significantly, Ipoh was Rose’s transition point. The young Wai Cheng adopted the stage name Rose Chan following a furious argument with her sister. Right until 27, she toured Malaya as a cabaret girl, until an accident at the Majestic Theatre in Ipoh, launched her career as a striptease artiste. It was whilst performing that her bra-strap snapped. The crowds went ballistic and roared their approval. She was nonplussed, “I dance all night, I sweat so much, nobody claps. My bra breaks, they clap”.  Rose Chan, the Striptease Queen, was born.
Rose Chan became a legend in 1950s Malaya, combining cabaret routines with striptease and daring circus stunts, including wrestling pythons and having motorcycles ride over her body.She even made it to Australia, Germany and France with her act. At the height of her fame, she was rich enough to drive a Rolls-Royce, and had five husbands.
But the high-profile sex symbol lived out her twilight years in loneliness, eventually succumbing to throat, lung and breast cancer at the age of 62. Her two adopted daughters did not attend her funeral.
Christy Yow later backed out from playing the role of Rose Chan as she did not want to offend her Taiwanese boyfriend’s family. The role will now most probablybe played by very popular MediaCorp star Joanne Peh.


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