How To Prevent Delayed Ejaculation

1. Healthy attitudes toward sexuality and one's own genitals help prevent delayed ejaculation.
2. A strict religious background causing the person to view sex as sinful. An open discussion contribute to better sexual relationships and normal sexual satisfaction.

3. To minimise the pressure, a man should absorb himself in the pleasure of the moment, without worrying about whether or when he will ejaculate.

4. There is stop and go technique. If your partner is aware of your problems, then you can practice this technique together. Every time you are about to ejaculate, STOP. Wait a minute or two and then go at it again.

5. Get some really thick condoms as they will numb your penis and prolong your ejaculation.

6. Any fears or anxieties, such as fear of pregnancy or disease, should be openly discussed.

7.The partner should create a relaxed atmosphere, free of pressure, rather than create pressure with questions about whether or not ejaculation has occurred.

8. Conditioning caused by unique or atypical masturbation patterns.

9. Organic causes are also possible; a variety of drugs may sometimes impair ejaculation.

10. Traumatic events (for example learning that one's partner is having an affair).

11. Lack of attraction for a partner.

12. Neurological diseases may also cause delayed or an inability to ejaculate such as strokes and nerve damage to the spinal cord or back.

13. Endocrine diseases like diabetes and prostate problems can also lead to delayed ejaculation.

14. Delayed ejaculation refers to an inhibition of ejaculation. The man is unable to ejaculate, either during intercourse, or with manual stimulation in the presence of a partner.


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