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sexy tennis

The professional world of Women's Tennis has become a lot about expressing your individuality.
Some good examples are Venus Williams, Serena Williams and of course, Maria Sharapova. They all design their own tennis outfits with their sponsors.
Maria Sharapova's style is usually sophisticated and sexy and yet conservative. Her style and choices are very functional on the court. Maria Sharapova makes so much money in endorsements, just for her looks however unlike Anna Kornikova, she can play some tennis. She's a hard hitting 6-1 gal that can hit on both wings. Her serve is improving and she is finding her way back to the top of women's tennis. The guys go crazy for Sharapova. She get's so many whistles on the court during play. She has long legs and long blond hair, blue eyes and a pretty smile. I like to think of her as the Crissy Everett from the 1970s, but with power. Her out fit at the 2006 US Open, where she wore a little black dress really began a momentum for her. Everyone gave such great feed back on the outfit she helped design with Nike. Maria continues to execute on the court while maintaining her sexy image. So all the guys out there, never fear, she will be here for a while, squeal and all.
Serena Williams has some interesting styles as well. She was pretty wild in the beginning of her career, wearing a jean dress and sneaker-boots with a half shirt exposing her belly-button ring. Through the years Serena has toned down quite a bit. She is #1 in the world and although fashion plays a big part of her life, tennis is her main focus. Serena, when made up, can look hollywood-ish. She is a beautiful full figured woman. She is extremely muscular but some how is able to be feminine. She can be imposing on the tennis court, however as I got to see her more and more over the years, she is extremely feminine.
Venus Williams, WOW. What can you say about the flesh color panties she wears underneath, lingerie looking tennis outfits. Venus explains her fashion ideas and executions as expressions or a perception of an expression. She turned many heads as she played. Her tennis skirt would fly up and expose what would appear as her naked butt. You would swear she is naked underneath her tennis skirt. Venus' outfits although can be very striking and beautiful can be less functional on the court. After every point, she tends to tug and reposition her outfits. Venus has created a bigger attention to the fashion of women's tennis. Her label "11" is doing quite well as she continues to "push the envelope" and build the industry bigger and bigger.
On a side note, I had only really touched base on the sexier styles of some of the top women. However, one woman stands out in my head.... Bethanie Mattek-Sands. I remember this short haired blond sporting long tube socks (in 70s fashion) with dolphin shorts and huge sunglasses. She also turned heads with her fashion sense on the court. It was less appealing than the other women mentioned, but thought she should get an honorable mention.
There is not doubt that Maria, Venus and Serena have brought much more attention to Women's Tennis. They all bring in the crowds and draw attention to themselves. Men's Tennis has a lot less to do with fashion or sex than Women's Tennis. Obviously men's tennis wear has less choices. There was a time when sleeveless shirts were being introduced to the game, but it really never stuck. You may see a guy like Rafa (especially in the beginning of his climb up to the top ranking) wear sleeveless shirts. He has since become more conservative, wearing short sleeve shirts. I would like to see the men become more playful with the audience, take off their shirt once in a while and if the women in the crowds shout out, play on that. Pull the audience in more to the men's game on a more personal level.


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