Jordana Brewster

Jordana Brewster Dress Images

Image of hot movie star Jordana Brewster in sexy dress, standing in the ocean.
Image of beautiful hollywood girl Jordana Brewster in stunning blue dress on bed.
Cute image of Jordana Brewster with smirk smile and great dress style.
Jordana Brewster Sunglasses
When i first saw this photo of Jordana Brewster wearing these stunningly beautiful over sized sunglasses, i almost fell out of my chair and shat my pants!

She looks nothing short of stunning in these snazzy sunglasses, and i bet she paid a pretty penny for them too, designer sunglasses are very expensive these days.

Jordana Brewster Tattoos?

Today i have a question for all our readers, which is, does Jordana Brewster have any tattoos on her body?

I vaguely remember seeing a tattoo on her while filming 'Fast Furious', but i cannot be certain about that.

Please comment below with any information you might have regarding Jordana Brewster and tattoos. Thanks!

Jordana Brewster Cute Feet

Mirror mirror on the wall, who has the most perfect celebrity feet of them all?

When it comes to pristine celebrity feet, look no further because Jordana Brewster has the most outstanding perfect feet in show business.

She has such soft and well kept looking feet.


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